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Month: November, 2008

Red head red hairy pussy

Red head red hairy pussy1Red head red hairy pussy4

Huh this furry babe looks nasty and hot. Annie’s red bush which is untamed as they come, with curls spilling out of her thong, and total “I’m going to fuck your brains out” face, I knew we were going to have a good time. This real hairy pussy babe know how to take care of her pussy. She showed off her massive bush until she got a hold of a massive dildo which she her stabbed pussy with, stretching it out. After game with that huge dido she deside to get real dick in her red hairy pussy. Then boy finally showed up, and got straight to licking her hairy snatch, making sure she was nice and wet and ready for his stiff cock. Then She got that wet hairy pussy of hers pounded with boy finishing everything off with a cumshot to her face.

Hairy Pussy Latin love

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Today we have a girl from down south, and by that I mean South America. Elizabeth is a young hairy pussy Latin female, with sultry lips, and insanely appealing curves. She had just a huge untamed, unshaven bush around her pussy, and it was just fucking amazing. Nice small tits and nice muscled tongue. She has the sexiest little pussy lips that just scream “fuck me!” and we can’t say no to that. So we had suck dick like her residency depended on it, so she certainly did a good hairy pussy fuck. Then our man made sure she was nice and wet by getting a face full of bush and made her good hairy pussy lips licking. Next thing you know, her brown pussy was getting totally fucked by some hard dick, with her saying things in spanish that made sex action even hotter. So this hairy pussy latina babe is one of the best.